As reported in our June 2016 Bulletin, we are continuing this very popular series of practice manager/owner breakfasts now into their fourth year.


As the title of the series suggests our files contain a great deal of information on the matters leading to complaints and claims against medical practices.

These sessions will provide practice managers and owners with an understanding of the range of complaints and claims reported to MIGA by medical practices, including matters involving:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Patient treatment delays allegedly caused or contributed to by errors attributed to practices
  • Practice owned equipment faults causing or contributing to poor patient outcomes
  • Allegations of poor behaviour by doctors and the resultant impact on practices

Our presenters will also suggest strategies to minimise the likelihood of these matters occurring.

These sessions will be run throughout Australia, commencing in Adelaide on 15 September 2016 and subsequently Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart through the latter half of 2016 and the first half of 2017.

We will also be running 2 online sessions, one in December 2016 and the other in June 2017.

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