Over the past two years 40 MIGA clients won 500,000 Qantas Points simply by renewing their insurance with MIGA!  Hear from our lucky clients who share their travel highlights. 

Punta San Carlos is a secluded coastal desert famous for its waves and winds, making it the perfect kitesurfing destination for one brave-hearted and adventurous medical practitioner.  The small fishing village on the west coast of Baha, Mexico is where Dr Bushell (SA) recently travelled, thanks to the half a million Qantas Points he won when he renewed his insurance with MIGA . “I used the Points for a holiday to Mexico for a kitesurfing week,” Dr Bushell said.  “I camped right along the ocean, atop cliffs in Punta San Carlos and also used the Points towards business class flights because I went back to work the very next day.”

Dr Bushell is one of the 40 lucky MIGA clients who won 500,000 Qantas Points as part of MIGA’s Win a Share of 10 Million Qantas Points competition.  Renewing with MIGA has never been so rewarding, with each renewal period for the past two years seeing 20 winners receive an enormous boost to their Qantas Points balance.

Booking a holiday is a sure-fire way to cure any mid-year slump and take a break from the demands of work. This is exactly how many of the winners have used their Qantas Points.  From a short family getaway to Byron Bay for Dr Brookes (NSW), to international holidays to Bali and Japan for Dr Brownstein (VIC), and Europe for Dr Humphries (WA), MIGA’s renewal competitions have enabled winners to jet around the world.

When it comes to their work in healthcare, there is no questioning the altruism of our hard-working doctors.  For Dr Wong (VIC), this selflessness has also extended to him treating his parents to a trip to Thailand. “This used up about half of the Points, so I still have the other half left,” Dr Wong said.

Practising medicine involves a busy and highly dynamic work life, which means for other winners, they have yet to switch off, take a break and treat themselves to a holiday.  Nonetheless, the Points have been a welcome help to the travel demands of work, advanced training, and career ventures.  Dr Bolton (SA) is currently completing an Orthopaedic Fellowship, which involves a busy and expensive schedule.  Most of her Qantas Points have been used to meet the cost of travelling to exams and conferences for her training.

For midwife, Amberley Harris, winning 500,000 Qantas Points came at the perfect time.  “I am making a Breastfeeding Documentary so the Points will go to flights for my filmmaker and I, as we travel around the globe making this showpiece,” Mrs Harris said.  “I can’t thank MIGA and Qantas enough!”

The “Win a Share of 10 Million Qantas Points” competition is just one of the ways MIGA clients can turn their medical indemnity insurance into rewards with Qantas Points.  MIGA clients earn 1 Qantas Point for every eligible $1 paid to MIGA.*  Plus, MIGA clients can join Qantas Frequent Flyer or Qantas Business Rewards for free, saving the usual $99.50 joining fee. Learn more about earning Qantas Points with MIGA at www.miga.com.au/qantas.

*A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member and an individual a Qantas Frequent Flyer Member to earn Qantas Points with MIGA. Qantas Points are offered under the MIGA Terms and Conditions. Qantas Business Rewards Members and Qantas Frequent Flyer Members will earn 1 Qantas Point for every eligible $1 spent (GST exclusive) on payments to MIGA for Eligible Products. Eligible Products are Insurance for Doctors: Medical Indemnity Insurance Policy, Eligible Midwives in Private Practice: Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy, Healthcare Companies: Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy. Eligible spend with MIGA is calculated on the total of the base premium and membership fee (where applicable) and after any government rebate, subsidies and risk management discount, excluding charges such as GST, Stamp Duty and ROCS. Qantas Points will be credited to the relevant Qantas account after receipt of payment for an Eligible Product and in any event within 30 days of payment by You. Any claims in relation to Qantas Points under this offer must be made directly to MIGA by calling National Free Call 1800 777 156 or emailing clientservices@miga.com.au.

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