Life is full of choices, and a medical student’s decision to help a community in need is a momentous one. It has wide reaching effects, particularly for the individuals and communities who inevitably welcome their skills and assistance with open arms.


MIGA’s Elective Grants Program seeks to provide financial assistance to these students, and since it began about 12 years ago, we have now supported 76 students and communities around the world.

This year we had a remarkable level of interest, with applications ranging from participation in health camps in remote areas of South America to paediatric placements in neighbouring Papua New Guinea. It has been truly inspiring to see the commitment so many medical students have made to global health and their unselfish commitment to instigating change.

We are thrilled to announce this year’s six Grant recipients, each receiving $2,000 towards their personal elective costs and $1,500 to provide medical or other aid to the community visited. While a special congratulations is extended to the recipients appearing below, we wish all students travelling on their electives interesting, challenging and rewarding placements.


As electives are completed, reports and photographs from these students’ experiences will be added to the library on our website. They’re a great resource for students planning electives and inspiring reading for the medical community. We look forward to continuing our support next year and to releasing details of the 2017 Program to students and universities in coming months.

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