I can’t believe it. Dale had gallstones, and he ends up dead. I thought I did everything I was supposed to do.

I sent him off to a cardiologist when he had heart problems, and I kept a close eye on the Warfarin the cardiologist told me to prescribe, making sure he had regular INR tests. When he had gallstones, I sent him to a surgeon to remove his gall bladder. I don’t get how I was supposed to do something more about his Warfarin regime before surgery.

He was in the hands of good specialists. I thought he was told what he needed to do about stopping and restarting Warfarin.  

Look, I know I have been struggling with depression for a couple of years since my marriage split up, and I’ve been working long hours, but I don’t think it has ever affected my job as a doctor.  

Could I have done something? Was I not switched on enough? I just don’t know… All I know is that a good man is dead, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Now there’s all these legal processes to deal with as well.”

In MIGA’s new Workshop “Anatomy of a claim” we follow the footsteps of Dale’s treating GP, and the specialists involved in his care pre and post-surgery, as they navigate through a coronial investigation, a complaints process and pending litigation.

They all have their own version of events.

How will they fare throughout these stressful processes? What will be your be your diagnosis of the outcome?

This is a Workshop you won’t want to miss.

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